BEDFORD High School’s head of music saluted the country’s war dead when he sounded the Last Post in school on Armistice Day.

Mr David Morton, who plays cornet with the national championship winning Foden’s Brass Band, lead the annual day of remembrance at the Manchester Road school before all staff, pupils and employees stopped work at 11am to mark two minutes of silence.

Head teacher, Mr Stephen Preston, said: “We take Poppy Day very seriously here. The school has its own war memorials showing lists of names of former Leigh Grammar School students killed in battle.

“One was Victoria Cross hero Alf Wilkinson who survived the first world war only to die young down the pit from carbon monoxide poisoning.”

“The children are taught the reasons why we have this ceremony and they will keep the memory of the war dead alive.”

•Mr Morton is pictured with head boy Alex West and head girl Tess Kennedy at the school memorials before the ceremony.