CHINA and the United States need to be made aware how much Britain cares about cutting carbon emissions, says Health Secretary and Leigh MP Andy Burnham.

Mr Burnham is backing the 10.10 campaign that has been devised by the people who made the climate change film the “Age of Stupid”; a powerful call to arms for all those who want to save the planet.

10:10 gives individuals, schools, businesses and local authorities the chance to do their bit to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by working out how they can cut the amount of Co2 they produce by 10% in 2010.

Mr Burnham MP said: “I’m signing up to the 10:10 campaign because it gives me a chance to really show I can make a difference on a personal level to tackling climate change.

"People are already making an effort but signing up means that effort is visible. "Everyone in the Leigh area who signs up can be part of a big national effort – all of us pulling together to prevent global warming.

“It’s also a chance to send a message to all those politicians meeting in Copenhagen at the end of the year to agree a deal on how the world can stop runaway climate change.

"Britain’s Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband will be representing the UK and the more UK citizens make their voice heard the better he can argue for an ambitious deal.

"China and the United States need to know that we in Britain really care.

"Each one of us who signs up is making a commitment personally – world leaders in turn must work as hard as possible for a deal that will leave the planet safe for our children and grandchildren.”