I would like to contact anyone who was part of the Bolton bike/rock scene back in the 1980s.

I am setting up a website, and looking for old photos of the places we used to go, or people etc, with fond memories or tall stories.

It is hoped many will make contact with old friends they have lost touch with.

At the following places I was always made welcome even though I wasn't from Bolton and didn't drink: The Castle (Crompton Way), Tippins Arms, Space City, Bolton Tec, Hawkers (Horwich Aerospace), The Swan, Brass Cat/Golden Lyon, Rivi Barn, Man And Scythe, The Mop, Maximes (Wigan). This is not a complete list but there was somewhere to go every night.

People I think could help are DJ Martin St John (The Castle), bike photographer at the Castle, who had a silver Kawasaki z650 called the Phantom; Pippa Dean and sister, also her mate Karen who worked at a dogs home, and Jane Austin who lived in Kearsley.

The picture is of the bike I always used, and might jog some memories.

Tel: 07772 749927 devastatoruk@hotmail.com