ON an overcast, cold misty day, A&T took a line-up strong in numbers to the other side of the Pennines to contest three divisions of cycle speedway at Hull CS.

IN the Division One match, a weakened A&T Team lined up with plenty of youth, due to work commitments.

Hull took six maximum 7-3 heat wins early on to move into a 26-point lead after seven heats.

It was young whippet Reece Pollit who would break the Hull stranglehold taking a win in heat seven.

Hull never looked like relinquishing a big lead though in a match which had plenty of the ‘colour' which the weather lacked.

Hull went on to all score strongly whilst Reece Pollitt and Joe Allen were the only A&T scores in double figures.

Northern League Division One match result: Hull 118 Astley & Tyldesley 58.

Hull L Aylmer 20, A Stephenson 17 (3), S Schofield 16 (1), A Angell 15 (5), B Swanborough 15 (3), C Boddice 14 (1), N Everett 13, R Stockton-Gradner 8 (1).

A&T: Reece Pollitt 14, Joe Allen 11 (1), Lee Phillips 7, Max Evans 7, Ciaran Collins 7, Matthew Snell 6, Emily Burgess 4, Paul Graham 2, Referee: Andy Moody.

THE Division Two match was close for the first three races, as teams shared wins with 5-5 heat scores.

Heat four saw the first 6-4 go to Hull though and the match never really looked in doubt.

The slightly more experienced Hull team kept just working away with 5-5 all heat share.

In the end only six of the 15 heats would be won 6-4 or 7-3 but crucially it was Hull who took five of these six.

Young pairing of Reece Pollitt and Max Evans took A&Ts only heat win with a 7-3 in the very last race.

The young team acquitted themselves very well in speed and attitude though and it was great see some first time Second Division riders.

Northern League Division Two match result: Hull 80, Astley & Tyldesley 69.

Hull: Rich Powson 19, Chris Cook 16 (1), Josh Bellis 15 (1), Rob Stockton-Gradner 9 (1), Katie Greaves 8 (2), Andy Moody (7), Rich Moulson 4, Charlie Wade 2.

A&T: Reece Pollitt 19 (1), Max Evans 15 (2), Ciaran Collins 11, Matthew Snell 7 (2), Ben Dickinson 7 (1), Emily Burgess 5, Joe Quarmby 1, Charlie Dickinson 1.

Referee: A Schofield.

A&T'’s under 13s riders once again turned out in force for the Division Three match which was brilliant to see.

Unbeaten this season, their racing only matched by an excellent A&T away support.

There were plenty of big scores by the Team Green riders, while Charlie Wade, the lone Hull rider, put in a great individual effort.

Northern League Division Three match result: Hull 13 Astley & Tyldesley 98.

Hull: Charlie Wade, 13.

A&T: Max Evans 16, Matthew Snell 14, Ben Dickinson 13, Joe Quarmby 12, Emily Burgess 10, Charlie Burgess 9 , John White 8, Max Quarmby 8, Charlie Dickinson 8.

Referee: A Schofield.