TYLDESLEY Swimming and Water Polo Club enjoyed a golden day at the Wigan Starter Gala.

The club took a total of 17 swimmers with entrants from nine to 13-years-old.

All had varying experience in the sport ranging from squad swimmers to swimmers who had come through the Learn to Swim Programme at the Pelican Centre in the last 12months.

The club managed a haul of 31 medals from their events, 16 Gold, nine Silver and six Bronze, nearly every event resulted in a swimmer setting a new personal best time, with no disqualifications, which at this level is the real bench mark of progression for the individual swimmer.

Tyldesley’s golden girls of the day were Imogen Bailey and Jodie Gittens, who took the gold medal in every event they entered.

However, the club stess the emphasis is on development and those swimmers who last year were in a Learn to Swim environment took their first steps to competitive swimming and thoroughly enjoyed their day.

On Thursday, the young competitors continued their fine form by beating all three teams in the Junior Jubilee Swimming League.

The result was Tyldesley 135, Ramsbottom 98, Oldham 92 and Royton 80.