ASTLEY and Tyldesley remain top of the Division Two Juniors table despite suffering their first defeat of the season at Stockport in Round Three of the Manchester League Grand Prix Series on Wednesday.

Ben Dickinson scored 15 points in the under 10s match, while Emily Burgess dropped only two points and good back up came from Charlie Burgess and Charlie Dickinson.

Max Evans was A&T's lone rider in the under 13s match and he bagged a well-earned 13 points. The five juniors all scored well, but a depleted A&T slipped to their first defeat of the series, finishing second and five points behind Bury.

A&T scorers: Ben Dickinson 15, Emily Burgess 14, Max Evans 13, Charlie Burgess 11, Charlie Dickinson 10.

The next match at Gin Pit is Sunday, June 8 when Astley and Tyldesley take on Stockport in a Northern League fixture. The meeting will consist of three matches, with the first race at 2 pm.

Racing is at the Astley and Tyldesley Miners' Welfare Club, Meanley Road, Gin Pit, Tyldesley. For details, visit