TYLDESLEY swimmer Adam Toone put in an impressive performance to finish third in the Great North Swim.

The mile-long event is held over two days with 14 waves of swimmers on the Saturday and three waves of swimmers on the Sunday.

Each wave contains 300 swimmers and after the first day Toone was leading the field with the fastest time ahead of 4,000 swimmers.

However, two swimmers bettered his time on the Sunday to push him into a respectable third.

All the swimmers achieved personal best times with Andy Robb, who could only do one length of the pool in January, managing an admirable 55mins in Lake Windermere.

The swimmers were swimming for various charities and were cheered on by a large number of family and friends.

Tyldesley Swimming and Water Polo Club boasted a total of 14 swimmers in the Great North Swim one mile event at Lake Windermere, with a large number of the group parents of children who swim at the club.

Results: 3, Adam Toone, 20.21mins; 113, Dennis Price, 25.24mins (15th in age group); 129, Leanne Stafford, 25.45mins (4th female in age group); 142, Lee Toone, 26.03mins; 214, Ant McGuinness, 27.08mins; 263, Mike Toone, 27.50mins; 334, Sam Mills, 28.42mins; 411, Samantha Grundy, 29.30mins; 517, Nicola Toone, 30.23mins. 1028, Neil Roberts, 34.12mins; 1316, Simon Hulme, 35.55mins; 1522, Louise Toone, 37.03mins; 1594, Sean Evans, 37.28mins; 3396, Andy Robb, 54.46mins.