CENTURIONS’ Super League preparations continue with head coach Paul Rowley offering full-time contracts to his coaching team.

Assistant Neil Jukes has signed a three-year deal while reserves coach Paul Anderson has penned a two-year contract.

Simon Finnigan, forced to retire from playing this season, will take up a player welfare role on a two-year deal.

“There is no point having a full-time team if your staffing isn’t in place or right,” said Rowley.

“The acquisition of the coaches is really important. Even if it means losing a player, you’ve got to have the right staff and the fundamentals in place. I’m sure that the medical staff will soon follow suit as well.

“We are really very lucky that we have some talented people running the on-field activities at the club and there is great support there from Derek Beaumont, who has instigated this and helped make sure all these guys are tied up.

“It means their futures are secured nice and early which is piece of mind for them as well. It’s also recognition that they are happy in their work.

“It’s interesting, everyone has got different experiences. Neil has got a massive experience in the amateur game and is a very successful coach.

“I brought Neil to the club as a 20s coach a few years ago now and he’s progressed brilliantly.

“Paul and Simon both have varying degrees of experience in the professional game, some recent, some a little bit older and then if I throw myself into the mix, we all have different degrees of experience through different walks of life from the top to the bottom, but it all counts and it equips us to be able to deal with most situations.”

“Then at the top of the sheet there are a couple of words – honesty and loyalty. I think we all share the same moral beliefs about how things should be run and how we want our players to be and behave.”

Leigh hosts Sheffield Eagles on Sunday, 3pm.

“I’ve read quite often from Mark (Aston) that he’s going to give his kids a chance,” added Rowley.

“Who knows what they will do? But they had a good win at Dewsbury a few weeks ago, so any team that can go and do that, they are a capable side.

“We all know that Sheffield are very capable. How can they not be with personnel like Quentin Laulu-Togagae, Misi Taulapapa, Menzie Yere and Dominic Brambani?

“They are outstanding players and Mark Aston has been a really consistent coach for a long time now.

“Sheffield are a big club and at the end of the day they are the champions in this division. We are being visited by the current champions this weekend and like any other club, they will be wanting to make their mark.

“We don’t discount Sheffield, they are still in the mix.”

Kurt Haggerty has completed his recent ban and Centurions will keep tabs on Tom Armstrong, who was set to return to action against Dewsbury before missing the game.