RECORDS tumbled at the first Northern League Track and Field Division 2 match at Leigh on Saturday, hosted by Leigh Harriers at Leigh Sports Village.

Keely Hodgkinson started the series of four club records by winning the 800m senior ladies race in 2.11.8sec and was part of the record breaking 4 x 400m relay team of Courtney Donald 62.9 sec Keely Hodgkinson 59.1 sec Abigail Howarth 64.8 sec Laura Riches 62.4 sec a total time of 4.09.4 sec. Laura Hickey won the Triple Jump clearing 10.39m - a new club record. The fourth record to go was in the men’s 3,000 m steeplechase with Dave Smith running 10min.34.3 sec taking a second of the over 40s record which has stood for over 25 years.

The ladies were heavy scorers for the team; Laura Riches and Sanna McLean won both A and B 400m races in times of 69.7 sec and 72.9 sec respectively, Keely Hodgkinson 1st in the A 800m race 2.11.8 and Abigail Howarth 1st in the B race 2.27.4. Abigail also won the 1,500 m 4min.40.9 with Olivia Stones 3rd B runner in 5.19.9. In the 3,000m Laura Riches was 2nd 10min.11.7 and Olivia Stones 4th B runner 10.55.2.

In the 400 m A race Melissa Evans was 4th 64.8 sec, Courtney Donald won the B race in 63.7 sec.

Ella Unsworth won good points in the 100m and 200 mts 3rd in the 100 mts 13.1 sec 5th in the 200m 26.9 sec; in 100m B race Sanna McLean 4th 13.4 sec in the B 200 mts Emily Touhey 6th in 28.3 sec.

In the field events Carla Winstanley won valuable points 3rd in the Shot 9.54 mts, 5th in the Hammer 30.72 mts, 5th in the Discus 22.27 sec she was well supported in the B events by Jess Arnison in the Hammer 3rd in 24.51mts, 2nd in the Discus 20.47 mts. Laura Hickey cleared 1.55 mts in the High Jump for 2nd place whilst Wendy Laing placed 1st in the B event 4.26 mts; Carla Baines won 5th place in the A event 26.70 mts Emily Lewtas 3rd in the B competition 25.26 mts. Leah Kinsella was 2nd in the B Triple Jump 8.42 mts, whilst Sanna McLean and Wendy Laing both won 2nd places in the Long Jump A and B events clearing 5.08m and 4.26m respectively. In the last events of the afternoon the ladies 4 x 100m relay team won 3rd place in 52.2 secs. The 4 x 400m relay team finished in 1st place in 4min.09.4 setting a new club record.

The men’s team results started with Josh Pardoe clocking 12.0sec in the A 100m race, Dan Shannon 12.1 sec both in 6th place. Karan Kapur-Walton was 5th in the 200 mts 23.4 sec with Peter Hickey 6th in the B race 26.0 sec. In the 400 mts Adam Jamson ran 56.00 sec for 5th place with Ethan Jones winning the B race 54.9 sec.

Both Callum McCormick and Ben McLaughlin both ran 3rd places in the A and B races 1.56.8 and 2.05.3 PB respectively. In the 1500 mts Tommy Henders was 5th 4.15.8 sec in the B race Joseph Wane ran 4.27.6 sec for 3rd place. Dave Smith won 3rd place in the 3000 mts Steeple Chase A race in a time of 10.34.3 PB with Phil Williams winning the B race 10.47.3. Will Rawson ran a personal best time in the 5000 mts running a time of 15.43.1 and in 6th place Tom Knellor was 3rd B runner in 16.23.5. Phil Williams finished in 5th place in the 110 mts hurdles 27.5 sec and despite a fall John Indrickes 3rd in the B race in 23.5 sec.

In the field events Simon Forster took on the responsibility of four events starting with 4TH in the Hammer 28.52 mts, Dave Smith 2nd in the B event 19.64 mts. Peter Todd 4th in the Discus 24.01 mts, Simon Forster 1st in the B 21.53 mts; in the Shot Putt Simon Forster was 5th in the A event 7.72 mts Peter Todd 3rd in the B event 7.01 mts. Dave Smith placed 2nd in the Javelin 44.05 mts, Simon Forster 1st in the B event 34.01 mts.

In the High Jump Josh Pardoe cleared 1.45 mts for 5th place, Liam Moore was 3rd in the B event 1.45 mts. Karan Kapur-Walton won 2nd place in the Pole Vault 3.60 mts, John Taylor 2nd in the B event 2.30 mts. In the Long Jump Dan Shannon cleared 4.96 mts for 6th place, Liam Moore won 3rd place in the B 3.98 mts. In the Triple Jump Jump Liam Moore cleared 9.09 mts for 6th place, Tommy Henders cleared 9.03 mts for 4th place in the B event.

In the relays Leigh won 3rd place in the 4 x 100 mts and were the winners of the men’s 4 x 400 mts relay - a double win of the day along with the ladies win! Leigh won the match with 397 points from Team Isle of Man 2nd 346 points.