LEIGH Independent Supporters' Association have presented Leigh Centurions with a £15,000 donation in response to the announcement of cashflow problems.

Centurions chief executive Trevor Barton MBE received the cheque on behalf of the club at last night's LISA meeting.

He said: "On behalf of the club and the board I received many words of support and encouragement and I can only tell you that it goes a long way in adding to the resolve to see this through."

Business manager and team captain Rob Parker was also in attendance and he said: “There is a lot of passion from the people in this room and our supporters in general and on behalf of the players I am really humbled by your fantastic support.

"Hopefully the crowd numbers will swell and I can assure you we will do our best going forward."

LISA's donation has seen their reserves run dry. If you want to join LISA and help them rebuild, visit www.leigh-isa.org.uk or for a one-off payment you can contact Linda on 07799 885590.

More money has been donated to the club too.

Michael Norris, of Rivertime Corporate Finance Ltd, pledged £2,000.

And one of the LISA members present last night has dropped in a cheque for £100.

Barton said: "We are on our way to our target of £40,000 and I will keep you informed of progress.

"Thank you for your marvellous support so far."