TWO Batley Bulldogs players have been suspended by an RFL Operational Rules Tribunal after they were found to have breached the sport’s rules relating to betting.

Jonny Campbell has been suspended for 12 months for placing bets on a number of matches, including the 2013 Kingstone Press Championship Grand Final, Batley Bulldogs v Sheffield Eagles, in which he played.

Campbell placed a bet for the first points of the Grand Final to come from a Batley penalty goal and placed a handicap bet on the fixture.

Ayden Faal has been suspended for six months after placing a bet for the first points of the 2013 Kingstone Press Championship Grand Final to come from a Batley penalty goal. Faal did not play in the match.

Under RFL Operational Rules D1:10(c) players shall not be involved in any manner or capacity whatsoever, whether for his own account or on behalf of any other person, in any betting in respect of any Rugby League match or competition.

Players are also bound by Operational Rule E5 in the Code of Conduct which prevents the placing, accepting, laying or otherwise entering into any wager, bet or other form of financial speculation with any individual, company, organisation or other body in relation to the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of any match, competition or event.

Campbell and Faal were also deemed to have breached Operational Rule E5. which forbids players from using in relation to betting any information they have by virtue of their position within the sport that is not in the public domain or readily accessible by the public.

Both players were investigated after the activity came to light through intelligence supplied by the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit of the Gambling Commission, with whom the RFL works collaboratively to monitor betting activity.

The Tribunal accepted that there was no suggestion of match fixing in the breaches of Operational Rules by Campbell and Faal.