CENTURIONS head coach Paul Rowley is hoping to continue Leigh’s impressive record at first and reserve team levels this season.

The club has won 23 of 24 league games to romp to the Kingstone Press Championship League Leaders Shield, while the reserves have won 19 of their 20 games.

They will face either Sheffield or Featherstone in a Grand Final at Leigh Sports Village on Friday, September 5, kick off 8pm.

“There have been a lot more happy days than sad, that’s for sure,” said Rowley. “It would have been nice if it were 100%, but we’ve had a great year.

“We are still motivated and we still want to finish strong. We need to ride the crest of a wave and keep on encouraging the spectators to keep spreading the word while we are onto something good.

“Now is the time to capitalise and everyone is enjoying it.”

Centurions certainly enjoyed their last outing and a second half rampage against Swinton, where all the backline registered tries.

That included two for Gregg McNally, who has now amassed 50 for the club.

“It shows we are pushing hard and helping one another out,” added Rowley. “We’ve got some skilful players in that backline.

“I don’t think there is anyone in the club that hasn’t crossed the whitewash after Anthony Bate scoring.”

The club are running a history month to launch their heritage numbers, which have been painstakingly researched over 30 years by Mike Latham.

Centurions started their celebrations with a players’ dinner on Friday, which brought many former heroes of the club together.

This was followed by another popular event for the fans on Wednesday, where a special heritage kit was launched and presented to the squad for their next league game against Workington on Saturday, August 30.

“The past players dinner the other day was a real privilege to be involved in and to share a room with so many other players from different eras, no matter how many games they played or how well they were considered was great,” Rowley explained.

“We all had a common theme and there was a real sense of belonging in that room. Our past players have been so supportive all year.

“We have a proud history and a proud present and both have come together, the past players appreciate everything the current players are doing and likewise the current players are so respectful and seeking approval of the past players.

“Anybody not involved that has played for the club needs to jump onboard. Big thanks to Jason Donohue for being proactive and galvanising the past players, and also monumental thanks to Mike Latham.

“You know we sat in a room of Leigh legends and past players and I can tell you now that the person everyone looked up to was Mike Latham.

“He was the true legend in the room for the amount of work that he has done with the heritage numbers and history of Leigh.

“Nobody will do it as good as us, unless they want to buy Mike off us for a huge transfer fee. The final result of anyone’s work won’t match what he has done. We have got the number one player in that league in Mike Latham, that is for sure!”

The club and Mike have published a Heritage Number booklet which is now available for £5.

Centurions are also advertising for a chief executive after Rob Parker left his general manager position. Details are available at leighcenturions.com.