I RENT a house from Wigan and Leigh Homes (WALH) and in winter I have ice on the inside and outside of my bedroom windows.

I am 72 and have had a problem with the windows for 24 years.

They replaced the windows a few years ago but they are worse than the ones they took out.

The other ones did not ice up, they just had water running down them – I had to put towels on the windowsills.

They have had surveys done, including one last year, which must have cost money.

The suggestions that might help made in last year’s survey have been ignored.

Nothing on it has been done.

I have now been told that if I complain again I will be ignored.

I think it is a disgrace.

How can I – a 72-year-old woman with asthma, only one kidney and arthritis – fight the council?

Apparently I am a serial complainer and the council said it sorts out genuine complaints.

The ice on my windows is real. Is that not a genuine complaint?

Marianne White

Scotia Walk