WHILE in the council waiting area at Leigh Town Hall last Wednesday I saw an elderly man take a ticket and sit down with his daughter.

He was around 90 years old and walked at a snail’s pace with the aid of a two-wheeled walker.

He waited patiently for 10 minutes until he needed the toilet.

His daughter asked the council staff for access to the toilets only to be told they were for staff only and he should use the toilet at Leigh bus station. Members of the public were told the same thing when they questioned council staff on the pensioner’s behalf.

He was forced to abandon his appointment and make his way to public toilets 160 metres away using a walking aid.

If this was my dad I would have forced my way into the staff toilets on his behalf.

What kind of council would allow this to happen anywhere within its borough, let alone within its town hall/life centre?

The council is a disgrace and should be ashamed.

Name and address supplied