SO Wigan Council has asset-stripped another outlying facility in Atherton Skatepark, this time with no notice.

The explanation from Penny McGinty at the council doesn’t hold up as far as I am concerned.

She says the council had to ‘act quickly’ for the public’s ‘safety’.

How long had the park been in use and how many serious accidents had happened to justify immediate removal with no notice?

I suspect the council would not give these details and the park could, as MP Chris Green says, have been made safe relatively easily and cheaply.

I think the real giveaway is her comment regarding the facility at Howe Bridge.

Clearly the council wants to force youngsters to travel to Howe Bridge, which may not be easy.

The council will no doubt sell off the old site, leading to another permanent loss.

I am sure many more Atherton people will feel aggrieved.

Local councillors must surely have known the skate park was going.

They should remember that voting is not too far away and act accordingly.

Arthur Bayley

Bodmin Road