COULD someone please tell me what we elect councillors for?

I thought we elected them to look after our interests yet they are regularly granting planning permission for housing developments to be built and buildings to be knocked down to make way for more housing estates.

They don’t ask us what we think.

An increased number of houses means an increased number of cars yet they are not giving permission for any major roads to be built.

Already Manchester Road, Sale Lane and Elliott Street in Mosley Common and Tyldesley are gridlocked from about 3pm to 6pm on weekdays.

Trying to cross them during those times is a nightmare.

We were told the guided busway would reduce traffic on the roads but if anything it has become worse.

Cars are parking at the top of Hough Lane and in the cemetery entrance while people travel on the buses, which is causing obstructions.

Also Wigan Council spent a fortune on erecting 20mph speed signs and no-one takes any notice of them.

The other day I nearly had the front taken off my car twice in the same day on our estate.

One car flew round the corner at speed and cut across, missing me by about three inches, and the other also narrowly missed me after coming from a T-junction at around 40mph without looking.

People are using the Manor Road/ Brook Drive estate in Astley as a shortcut at rush-hour, with some doing speeds of 50 to 60mph.

It will not be long before there is an accident.

Come on councillors, do the job we elected you to do.

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