IN a recent letter in the Journal I described Prime Minister Theresa May as a hymn-singing hypocrite.

That was because what she says in the morning is often the opposite of what she says later the same day.

For example she described a one per cent rise in wages as fair yet later expressed justification in awarding a 43 per cent rise to one of her already well remunerated oligarchy.

On to the latest chapter, when becoming Prime Minister she promised to serve out the rest of her term in office, which was due to end with a General Election in 2020.

Now the about-turn.

With the polls allegedly showing that she is well ahead of Labour she has wasted no time to be the opportunist that she is.

I think the call for a snap General Election has nothing at all to do with, as she claims, the good of the country.

Frank Parkinson

Birch Street