IN regard to the artwork in metal on the central reservation in Market Street in Leigh, why is the paint flaking off within a year?

Paint experts, what’s your thoughts?

The wickerwork central barrier in front of the Turnpike Gallery was replaced with some wonderful creative artwork in metal.

This unusual and interesting central reservation barrier would still be a credit to Leigh had its surface been painted properly.

Why has this paint job now proved to be so substandard? Did it have a suitable undercoat applied?

Was it painted with a long-term, hard-wearing metal protection paint as one would use perhaps on a bridge which is likely to receive high levels of salt?

The poor, unsightly condition it is in should not have come about so soon after its construction.

The surface now needs to be burnished and smoothed down in a professional manner, then 2017 paint technology made use of correctly.

It should not be done the amateur way, with a top coat slapped on the now badly blistering and peeling coat of black paint.

I am no expert but I would unbolt the panels and take them away, then off-site blast them with a fine shot blaster, dip them in zinc to galvanise them and apply with a spray gun multiple layers of suitable anti-salt, long-lasting paint.

David Hull

Gordon Street