I AM thoroughly disgusted with the RSPCA.

I went to my son’s council flat to collect my cat who had been staying with him for a few days while I was away.

I found she had got into the flat through a small gap and was stuck in the back of his kitchen units.

She went in at noon and was still there at 5pm.

The RSPCA said it could not help as it had to get the landlord’s permission.

I was in tears by this time but the RSPCA refused point blank.

My son then remembered Wigan Council is open 24 hours a day so we called and the council came out at 9.20pm.

We are so grateful to the council for what it did.

Rona Campbell


We are sorry to hear we were not able to help Rona and her poor cat on this occasion.

We regret that an RSPCA officer was not able to look into this or offer any further help.

We are always busy helping animals, whether that be cats who get themselves in a tight spot, emaciated horses who have been abandoned or dogs who have been abused by their owners.

Unfortunately, as a charity with limited resources, we cannot always respond to every incident as we receive a call every 27 seconds and only have around 440 full-time officers working across England and Wales, compared to more than 200,000 police workers.

Sometimes other agencies, such as councils or the police, are able to respond much more quickly and as our priority is always the welfare of the animal there are occasions when we may refer people to other agencies for help.

We hope we would be able to come out to Rona in the future should she ever need our help again.

Amy Ockelford