I AM a season ticket holder at the Centurions who has been to most home matches, and many away games, with my grandchildren.

As it stands the Middle 8s are us, Widnes, Catalans, Warrington, Hull KR, London, Featherstone and Halifax.

Going through the season’s results we have already lost to five of these teams.

It is looking rather daunting at the moment.

We have a fantastic following, even though we are at the foot of the table, and chairman Derek Beaumont has brought in some top-class players.

To me we are lacking shape on the field.

Our moves are the same week in, week out – our opponents are aware of what is coming from Leigh next.

What I am going to say now will not be to all supporters’ tastes.

Neil Jukes did a fantastic job bringing us out of the Championship to Super League and we know he is dedicated to Leigh, but he should let someone else be at the helm to try to change things before it is too late.

He will always be respected for what he has achieved at the Centurions.

But now it is time to think of the future of our team and our town.

It is very sad to see Neil walking with his head down after the final whistle every week.

Peter Lloyd