CAN someone please explain the lack of bus service from Manchester city centre through to Lowton and Golborne.

We used to have the 34 service with 10pm and 11pm departures from Manchester city centre (34 to Bryn).

So you could go to our city centre, have a meal and a few drinks and get home.

However now the last bus to Lowton and Golborne from the city centre is at 7.38pm.

There is the number 26 which should connect with the 600, but if the 26 arrives late the connection to the 600 is missed and you are stranded in Leigh.

There are train services to Newton-le-Willows, but pensioners with bus passes cannot use this because it is over the border into Merseyside and getting a taxi from Newton-le-willows isn’t reliable.

So the people of Lowton and Golborne, because we are on the edge of Greater Manchester, are forgotten about.

Other parts of the metropolitan are well served – Bury and Altrinham have tram and bus services well into the early hours.

I think Golborne should have a station.

If the station for Leigh is built in Kenyon it is not exactly walking distance to anywhere.

Another suggestion concerns the V1 bus service along the very expensive guided busway.

Have this service run from Lowton Lane Head to and from the city centre and a park and ride at Lowton Lane Head.

There is plenty of land around there.

Bryan Savage