IN reply to the recent letter about Pennington Hall Park’s café, I am in total agreement with the anonymous writer.

I also wrote when it was under threat of closure.

It seems Wigan Council ignores what the council tax payers want, apart from in Wigan.

My husband and I both enjoyed using the café and it was always well attended, even in bad weather.

I feel for the Friends of Pennington Hall Park, who put their time, effort and money into the venture.

They were caretakers of the park, for example stopping ball games and bike riding on the bowling greens and watching out for vandals.

With the café closed and them having left, vandals have free rein and the inevitable happens.

We have seen for ourselves youths trying to climb onto the roof since the closure of the café.

Who is there to challenge them?

Perhaps a reduction in council tax is the answer on this side of the divide.

Name and address supplied