THE hymn-singing hypocrites are at it again.

Ian Hunter from Tyldesley accuses Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of hugging hostile mobs.

How can you stoop so low?

The people who Mr Corbyn hugged were part of the most horrendous fire that gutted a tower block. More than 80 people perished.

No wonder they were angry.

The block had just been refurbished, but the Tory council chose to do it with the cheapest tender, allegedly knowing that the cladding was suspect.

Hymn-singing hypocrites, I take this from the book The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists published in 1914, after the author’s death.

Margaret Thatcher once described Nelson Mandela as a terrorist. Only after talking to him was the South African black and white problem solved.

Another former Prime Minister, John Major, started off the peace process in Northern Ireland by talking to the IRA and the UDA.

Eventually peace was declared under Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Reconciliation can only be achieved by dialogue and trust.

As former Prime Minister Winston Churchill said ‘jaw, jaw is better than war, war’.

Frank Parkinson

Birch Street