I AM writing to express my disappointment in another broken promise from the Government of not fixing the much-needed rail service here in the north.

Overcrowded and persistently late trains are what we have to put up with, and adding insult to injury train fares go up every year.

My daughter attends Manchester Metropolitan University and suffers from coeliac disease.

She has to fight to find a seat, as she quickly gets tired and starts to feel lethargic.

Other commuters think she is ignorant when she doesn’t give her seat to someone elderly, while in fact she is suffering and needs to rest regularly to preserve her energy.

It shouldn’t be like this. If train companies expect us to pay a full fare then I expect my daughter to have access to a seat on the half-anhour train journey and not be expected to fight for it.

It is disgusting and despicable and it is about time it stopped.

I want ministers to take a stand against this U-turn the Government has shown and to get the funding we deserve and require in the north.

It is not only London that needs investment.

Sarah Mumtaz