I CAN remember watching a crown green bowls match on a summer’s day at my local park as a child.

Now in retirement I enjoy walking my dog around the park opposite Butts Mill in Leigh, where every week for many years the dedicated council workmen have been methodically repairing any damage, clearing litter and maintaining the bowls green to a very high standard.

Its paths are wonderful for other dog walkers and I.

Many times over the years I have seen traveller caravans, motorbikes and cars ripping up the grass.

Children also ride bikes and play football on the bowls green.

But I have never seen anyone playing bowls on it.

Nice as it is to walk around, clearly maintaining this bowls green is a complete waste of public money – funds that could be used to help protect front line services for our children and vulnerable residents.

I wonder if Wigan borough councillors understand why it is one of the worst councils, and why it has lost £160 million in government grants, when it allows situations like this to carry on unchecked.

Who is in charge of this?

Bob Welch

Butts Bridge