I read with horror that Wigan MBC is contemplating launching a judicial review following Michael Gove’s decision to pull the plug on Wigan Schools for the Future.

Have they not wasted enough money on this ill conceived scheme which would have given our children a dept which they can’t afford?

MPs Andy Burnham and Julie Hilling have given voters the impression they are having second thoughts about the withdrawal of our only high school in Atherton, yet in Parliament, they are very actively appealing against the decision to cut the £80m Phase One of Wigan Schools for the future which does just that.

The Leigh-Manchester Guided Busway project has just been given a further £1.3 million for preparatory work which could have been avoided if the Labour councillors on the GMITA had listened to their electorate and not just kept to their Party line. Nobody wants this scheme which, if built, will end up by being totally over budget and an obstacle for any real improvement in the Leigh Transport Infrastructure for decades.

It’s time our Councillors realised that one of the reasons for the country's demise is due to the previous Governments total reliance on PFI to deliver projects in the NHS, Schools, and other Public bodies which has built up unacceptable levels of debt which the Coalition Government is having to address, and we are going to have to pay for.

Councillor Norman Bradbury, Hillside Avenue, Atherton.