Stick Man

The Lowry, Salford Quays

JULIA Donaldson books are a big deal in our house (admittedly, when I can get my little one to avert his eyes from a screen).

But they are, without a doubt, our favourite to read aloud at story time. The words just sing off the page, Donaldson is a genius.

Leigh Journal:

So, when you’ve read a book so many times and seen the animated version – voiced by Martin Freeman and Jennifer Saunders – a fair few, then how does the stage version play out?

Freckle Productions’ adaptation of the book, on at The Lowry in Salford Quays until January 9, is an utter delight which grabs the story and sends it on a whimsical journey.

Leigh Journal:

A talented cast of three takes the beloved Stick Man from the Family Tree and on an adventure where he must evade all the dangers he encounters, entertaining the young audience along the way. 

There’s live music, jokes aplenty and the audience get involved in a game of ‘invisi-ball’ in this imaginative and original hour-long show.

Leigh Journal:

The musical number when ‘Stick Man is lonely’ is a real treat, can I get it on Spotify?!

The puppetry, costumes and set all serve to bring illustrator Axel Scheffler’s much-loved creations to life.

Leigh Journal:

And it wouldn't be a Christmas show without an appearance from the man himself - much to the delight of the young audience and ensuring the timing of The Lowry stop-off is spot on. A perfect treat for a festive, family afternoon out.

Leigh Journal:

Stick Man is suitable from age three and is on at The Lowry until Sunday, January 9. For tickets and more information,