EXPERTS have predicted that a recently discovered sea monster will make an appearance off the coast of Llandudno next month.

As part of the LLAWN06 art festival's mission to introduce art in unusual places, sea monster Cragen will rise from the depths with an important environmental message for Wales’ Year of the Sea 2018.

Cragen the sea monster is a performance on the Llandudno promenade, where onlookers will have the chance to meet Professor DW and her 'specimen'.

Gasp at the ingenuity of Cragen, and be amazed by her size - about 20 metres long - as she returns unwanted plastic waste from the sea to the land.

The epic puppet is inspired by a blend of tall tales and mythical imagery, paying homage to the creation of fanciful creatures during The Age of Exploration from the 1400s to the 1600s, said to be the harbingers of doom and disaster, or portents of great change

The mythical beast is currently charting a course along the Welsh coast, created by Cardigan's Small World Theatre with the support of Visit Wales, to help protect Wales’ coastline from plastic pollution.

Onlookers are invited to see this beautiful ocean-dwelling monster and participate in exciting activities and events around the North Shore and Llandudno during the festival, including performances, music, comedy, visual art and more.

The Cragen awakes on September 15 from 2.30pm, and will land on the North Shore beach near Venue Cymru at 3pm.

LLAWN06 runs from Friday, September 14 until Sunday 16 - all activities and performances are free.