Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira claims the show is the most realistic depiction of teenage life on TV.

She has said the gauntlet of drugs, sex and mental health issues navigated by the high-school characters is a truthful reflection of modern American youth culture.

Ferreira plays the body-conscious Kat Hernandez, who shares some of the actress’ own teenage preoccupations and concerns.

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The star believes that the show as a whole also reflects the challenges facing young people today.

Ferreira said working on the show, which aired on HBO in the US and on Sky in the UK, has allowed her to explore her own insecurities.

Zendaya stars as Rue in HBO series Euphoria, now showing on Sky (HBO)

She told Interview Magazine: “It’s the most realistic interpretation I’ve seen on television or movies.

“It is a TV show, at the end of the day. But mental health issues, addiction issues, body insecurities, slut-shaming, all these things are so prevalent.

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“Especially with the Adderall age, I would call it, all these kids are just prescribed so many drugs and being over diagnosed.”

Ferreira said that many issues affect Generation Z, who are exposed to too much in the modern world.

The actress said that working on Euphoria, based on the Israeli original series, has given her the opportunity to navigate difficulties in her own life.

She said: “I learned about all these insecurities and traumas that I have, which I never allowed myself to explore.”

The full interview can be read in Interview Magazine.