AN ATHERTON landmark that can be seen for miles around is the region's fastest growing mill store with more than 200 concessions.

Now the 2,500sq ft pump house at Ena Mill – formerly a Wigan Council housing office – has been taken over by The Sleep Centre.

It is the fifth time the Ena Mill retail outlet has expanded in the past 16 months.

The Pump House was formerly occupied by Wigan Council Housing Office until July last year, leaving Ena Mill Bosses with a decision to make.

Ena Mill partner Simon Yates said: “When more than 30 council workers left back in July - due to cut backs - the future of the Pump House was far from certain. We discussed several options. We considered new tenants.

“But the more time passed, the more we favoured incorporating it into the Ena Mill retail experience.

“The Sleep Centre began negotiations and we quickly realised the Pump House would be a perfect location for them. They get a separate area, but they complement our retail experience here perfectly.”

December 2012 sales figures at Ena Mill were 20 per cent higher than the year and footfall figures for January is predicted to continue that trend.