TALENTED young rappers have hit all the right notes after sharing the limelight with some real-life superstars.

Romani rockers KAL joined young people from Wigan's Kamosi group on stage at Leigh's Derby Rooms this week for a master class in music, heritage and cultural identity.

The Belgrade-based band brought with them an important message about recognising the Romani Gypsy identity and fighting prejudice.

KAL front man Dragan Ristic said: "I am really impressed with the young people we have met tonight. We want to show them that they can express themselves through music. It can help them to let other people know how they think and feel.

“We also want them to continue to celebrate their culture. They have come here from Eastern Europe and have adapted to a new way of life but keeping a sense of their own identity can be a real advantage to them.

“We've really enjoyed working with them and the message we have left them with is to concentrate on their education and work hard. This way they really can realise their dreams and do whatever they want to in life."

The Serbian troubadors blend traditional Balkan Roma sounds with a stunning array of styles including Tango, Middle Eastern, Turkish and Western music.

Tano Udila, aged 13, from Westleigh High School, said: “It's a fantastic opportunity for us to show our talents and to talk about who we are. The rap we have written is all about love because we feel it's important to everyone, whatever your background or culture is. Music is a great way to get your message across and it's also made me realise the value of having an idea about your own history."

The event was organised by Wigan Council's Voice and Engagement Service, Community Arts Northwest (CAN) and Manchester's-own World Music DJ collective Satellite State Disko (SSD).