AN assistant in a Culcheth convenience store was met by a weird looking man in his shop last week.

The seedy-looking customer was actor Mark Hughes from Impact Theatre who was trying out his new character for the latest production I Licked a Slag's Deodorant by local author Jim Cartwright, and he got exactly the reaction he was looking for.

There are only two characters in the play and both have needed lots of research by the two performers.

The play is being staged on Friday and Saturday, February 16 and 17, at 8pm at The Farm Community Centre, Cinnamon Brow.

Val Lewis's character is called Slag and is no Pretty Woman type hooker but a grittier, no holds barred, sleazy individual. The play is quite unusual and to add to the experience will be performed in the promenade style and theatregoers should note there will be adult content.

Tickets are £6 each, available from 01925 452895 or 07887 726160.