I AM delighted to add my congratulations to the Leigh Journal on its 140th birthday.

For many years Collins and Darwell Printers published the Leigh Gazette – a rival to the Journal – for local traders advertising. A friendly rivalry that involved sharing artwork and copy etc. The Journal has kept the public informed about the things that matter from every walk of life, sport, legal, political and general gossip. It has also been a great public relations tool for local businesses.

My favourite story from the 50 years I have been reading the Journal was a local man who decided to end it all.

He turned the gas on, sat down and went to sleep. Hours later he woke up – he had used non-toxic natural gas. Delighted he was alive he had a celebratory cigarette, blew his house up and spent the next six months in hospital...a classic!

Mike Travers, chairman of Colllins and Darwell Printers, Leigh