A TWEET of a poorly worded sandwich that has become an internet hit suggests that patients should have major concerns about what is in hospital food.

After all, hospital grub already had a bad reputation before the tweet revealed that ‘Patient Sandwiches’ are now being served.

The tongue in cheek tweet written by a patient at a Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust hospital has had around 800 likes and been retweeted more than 380 times.

@Jazmasta attached a picture of a ‘Patient Sandwich’ they were given and tweeted on Monday, August 15:

The tweet attracted some equally amusing responses.

@DoctorAngry said: ”Nah you misunderstand. It’s a patient sandwich because they keep it hanging around for a long time.”

@BadExampleMan tweeted: “Don't be silly. The label just means the sandwich has been waiting for you without complaining.”

@DMKStand added: “I'd swerve the patè on toast.”