A MASS demonstration in London involving women unhappy about state pension age changes from across Leigh and the rest of the borough has been hailed a ‘huge success’.

Members of the borough's branch of the national Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) campaign were among 7,000 women and men protesting near to the Houses of Parliament as the chancellor delivered his Budget speech last Wednesday.

Pat Morgan, one of the founding members of the branch, said: “We were certainly heard.

“Equipped with whistles and horns, we were determined to create a cacophony of noise to drown out the chancellor and draw attention to our campaign.

“After the demo the Leigh ladies were invited into the hallowed rooms of Westminster to have tea with our very own MP Andy Burnham, who has supported us all the way.

“The demo was rated as a huge success, with more than double the numbers of the last one we did outside the Houses of Parliament.”

Backed by Wigan Council, the WASPI campaign aims to convince the Government to make 'fair transitional arrangements' for a group of women who now have to wait up to six more years to receive their state pension.

This follows the Government fast-tracking plans to increase the state pension age (SPA) for women from 60 to 66.

Most people were completely unaware of the move – which could cost women born on or after April 6, 1951, thousands of pounds – as it received little publicity.

The borough’s WASPI group meets at Leigh Sports Village’s Holiday Inn Express, with the next meeting taking place on Thursday, April 6.

Anyone interested in joining the group should go along or call into Trust in Leigh on Market Street between 1pm and 3pm of a Tuesday.