SCHOOLCHILDREN used their Spanish speaking skills to discover that Sergio Agüero’s Golden Boot had been stolen by fellow football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Year five pupils at St Philip’s CE Primary School in Atherton and St George’s Central CE Primary School in Tyldesley also enjoyed flamenco dancing, orienteering and learning about the Spanish royal family.

It was all part of a cross school celebration of the European Day of Languages.

With both schools teaching Spanish as part of the national curriculum, half the year five class at St Philip’s switched places with half the year five class at St George’s for the day.

The children were then assigned into groups and had to complete a range of Spanish-based challenges to collect letters of the name of the person who had stolen a mocked up Agüero’s boot.

The schools say the children really enjoyed the day and the chance to speak in Spanish to strangers in order to solve the mystery.

One pupil said: “I felt proud that I could speak in Spanish to someone I had never met before and they understood me.”