A SAME-sex couple who are the proud parents of a one-year-old boy have started online community pages to support and share stories of other LGBT families.

Steven Darby, 25, and Conor Bonilla-Graham, 24, from Atherton, welcomed the arrival of their son George Bonilla-Graham Darby with help from their friend and surrogate Rebecca last year.

To celebrate gorgeous George’s first birthday they asked people on social media to post photographs of handwritten letters of love to their treasured son.

After receiving hundreds of responses from across the globe the pair decided to set up a community Facebook page and Instagram account to help ‘normalise same sex parenting and LGBTQ+ families’.

The couple, who feature alongside George in Tesco’s Christmas TV advert showing a diverse range of families preparing Christmas dinner and cooking a turkey in a variety of ways, are now sharing other families’ stories and hope to establish a community of love and empowerment for all parents and children.

Steven, who does volunteer work to help people with learning difficulties, said: “We had the Instagram account first and after the response we got with the pictures we thought it would be good to share our life with George to show that we are just a normal family.

“It is a way of documenting our lives, sharing our story and making a community that shows no family is the same but we can learn from each other.”

“We want to normalise same sex parenting and LGBTQ+ families by sharing stories and pictures and using our experience to offer advice to other people who want to start a family.

“It’s a unique platform we have.

“We recently filmed the Christmas Tesco advert and have had some bad feedback, but that is not because our family is wrong, it is because that person’s thinking isn’t up to date.”

To join the couple’s community pages check out @Dads2George on Facebook and @Daddies2

George on Instagram.