PLANS to build 830 homes in Atherton are set to be discussed at town hall meetings this month and February. 

An outline planning application to build houses to the west of Leigh Road and Bee Fold Lane and the east of Millers Lane was submitted by Tarleton Estates Ltd in September.

It also covers road infrastructure, open space and landscaping considerations.

In response to the application, conservation group ASPECT (Atherton South Preservation Ecology Community Team) submitted a letter to Wigan Council in October to outline their concerns about the safety of building homes on that area of old mine works.

In the letter, chairperson of the group Barbara Constantine said: "ASPECT has raised long-standing concern regarding land stability of the land designated South of Atherton.

"The strip of land between Leigh Road and Bee Fold Lane is in an area classified as ‘development high risk land’ by a Coal Authority report."

"Unlike the land being developed at South West of Bee Fold Lane, this strip of land has not been ‘stabilised'.

The letter also highlighted that a new link road on the proposals would be built above an existing National Grid high pressure pipeline which the group believe should be moved to an alternative position 'on the grounds of public safety.'

The meetings are scheduled to take place at Wigan Town Hall on Tuesday, January 16 and February 13 before the council's planning committee make the final decision.