RESIDENTS are being urged to pledge their support to a police campaign to stamp out hate crime.

The sixth annual Greater Manchester Hate Crime Awareness Week starts tomorrow, Monday, with people asked to sign an online promise to take action if they see an incident involving hatred or prejudice.

The Greater Manchester Promise invites people to get behind the ongoing battle to report instances of hostility such as violence or verbal abuse directed at individuals because of their race, religion or sexuality as well as other reasons.

Deputy mayor for policing and crime in Greater Manchester, Bev Hughes, said: “The people of Greater Manchester have shown the world how we stand together in solidarity against those who would seek to divide us, and in support of those who face violence or abuse because of who they are.

“Our voice is stronger if we speak together, and if people sign the promise, it sends out a clear message that we stand together.”

As part of the awareness week, there will be dozens of events across Greater Manchester to encourage people to learn more about hate crime and ways of tackling it.

Chief superintendent Wasim Chaudhry, Greater Manchester Police’s lead for hate crime, said: “After the challenges we faced last year, this year’s Greater Manchester Hate Crime Awareness Week theme seems most fitting.

"Everyone has the right to feel safe and we all have a responsibility to take a stand against hatred and discrimination - we want everyone to stand up against hate crime. If you see it happen, report it.

"If it is safe to do so, challenge the perpetrator.

"We need people to know that we will not accept this sort of behaviour.

“We did see a spike in the amount of hate crimes and incidents across Greater Manchester at certain times last year.

"After major tragedies here in Manchester, with our friends in London and indeed across the world, it is sadly not unusual to see an increase, but that did fall again quickly.

“Just like during last year’s spike, we remain committed to tackling hate and discrimination, encouraging people to come forward if they have been a victim as I acknowledge that under-reporting of hate crime still occurs.”

To sign up to the online pledge visit

Hate crimes can be reported online at by contacting the police on 101.

Alternatively, if you do not want to speak to the police, residents can go to one of dozens of independent reporting centres across Greater Manchester.

For more information visit