A SIX-year-old from Tyldesley hosted a special cake bake party for her family on Sunday in aid of a cause close to her heart.

Mia Rose Tracey was so impressed with the treatment her older cousin Pippa received for kidney cancer at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital last year that she wanted to do something in return.

The Garrett Hall Primary School baked a variety of novelty cakes, such as Peter Rabbit carrot cake and Queen bee flapjacks with honey inside, for around 20 family members, which were compliemented by a menu of pre-ordered hot drinks.

Mia Rose's mum Jessica, 27, said: "It was the proudest day of my life to see all the hard work she put into it.

"It was on New Years Eve when Mia Rose asked if there was anything she could do to help the hospital and when she got on to the idea of baking cakes, she learnt about how to do it and started planning an event herself.

"She baked all the cakes herself, made sure she got special teas for everyone in advance after taking orders and made place mats for people- she was great.

"Mia Rose is normally quite shy but she give a speech thanking everyone for donating money which was really sweet.

"Her passion to do something for others was so thoughtful and we are grateful for everyone who come to the party on Sunday because they were so generous too."  

Jessica said her daughter also wants to raise awareness of children's cancer.

Jessica, who works as a specialist advisor for Bupa, said: "She knows what the word cancer means and is not scared to talk about it.

"She realises what the children are going through and wants to raise awareness of it.

"Her mindset is that if she raises money it will help them get better.

"As she realises there is a lot of time the children spend in hospital, Mia Rose is hoping the money can be used to buy them things like toys and crafts to keep them entertained."

Along with Pippa, her other cousin Oliver and two friends, Ruby and Darcey, Mia Rose entertained her guests with a show which included singing and dancing.

There was more than £200 donated at the party.

Jessica plans to present the money to the hospital with Mia Rose, her 15-month-old son Zac and husband Jordan, 29, in the next week.