LEIGH’s MP has put the increase of domestic abuse in Greater Manchester under the spotlight in Parliament this week.

Jo Platt said the number of domestic violence-related incidents has increased by 20 per cent in the last year with Leigh identified as a hotspot.

At the House of Commons, she questioned the time it is taking the Government to introduce legislation to tackle the problem.

Ms Platt said: “I was disappointed that the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, did not outline any timetable for this legislation.

"I hope it will be fully funded, cross-departmental and effective in protecting the safety and wellbeing of victims.

“I would also like to highlight the services available to victims of domestic abuse and encourage anyone impacted, or anyone who knows someone affected to come forward in complete confidence.

“We are fortunate to have the amazing DIAS service in Wigan and Leigh which works with both women and men who are experiencing or recovering from domestic violence and abusive relationships to offer confidential support and advice.”

In response to the MP’s comments, the Government stated it is getting ready to launch a consultation on a “landmark” Domestic Abuse Bill, which was discussed in the Queen’s Speech last year.

As part of the Bill, domestic abuse survivors giving evidence in criminal courts would be given a similar status to victims of modern slavery and sex offences.

A Home Office spokesman said: “Domestic abuse is a devastating crime that shatters the lives of victims and families.

“We need to confront the impact it has on women and their children head-on and the Government is committed to tackling this.

“We want the Domestic Abuse Bill consultation to help fundamentally change our approach to domestic abuse and engage experts, professionals, charities, the public, but most importantly brave survivors.

“The Government is providing £100 million of dedicated funding for tackling violence against women and girls.

“This includes a £20 million fund to support refuges and other accommodation-based services, providing 2,200 additional bed spaces.”

To contact the charity DIAS, phone 01942 495230.

Alternatively, contact the police on 101 in a non-emergency or 999 in an emergency.