A CREATIVE arts organisation in Atherton is on a mission to provide a platform for budding performers to flourish.

Stolen Thread Productions CIC, which is based at The Way Theatre at Victoria Mill on Bolton Old Road and opened in August, is holding a range of events such as comedy, arts and theatre.

The company was established in 2016 from A Will and a Way Ltd, which was set up by artistic director and actor Will Travis.

Executive producer and trustee Elise Williamson, 26, said: “We want to champion the arts and support all age groups professionally.

“Our aim is give people a chance to express themselves by bringing the creative world to our theatre.”

Assistant director Susan McArdle is the third trustee of the organisation.

There is a calendar of events this year including acoustic music performances, stand up comedy and baby theatre groups.

A two-night theatrical performance of Romeo and Juliet with a 90s Greater Manchester twist will also be shown in May.

For more information about the group, visit The Way Theatre/Studio Facebook page or follow @StolenThreadCIC on Twitter.