A SHELTER for homeless people is set to open in Leigh on Monday evening for two months.

Atherton and Leigh Shelter For Hope has found a base at Leigh New Life Pentecostal Church on Ullswater Street where it will have 10 beds for rough sleepers three nights a week from Mondays to Wednesdays.

It will open from 7.30pm on each of the days until 8am the following morning, and provide food and cleaning facilities for service users.

It is the fourth year in a row the organisation has found a temporary place for homeless people to stay out of the cold after being based at Etherstone Street in Leigh last year.

Manager Warren Done said: "I am happy we have been given this space for people to have somewhere to sleep, freshen up and get something to eat.

"It will be open throughout March and April."

The shelter accepts service users based on referrals it gets from various organisations such as The Brick Project in Wigan.

For more information about the shelter and referrals visit alshelter4hope.uk.