A MUM-of-two who suffered three ectopic pregnancies is warning women to look out for symptoms that she experienced which were potentially life-threatening.

Paula Hampson, of Broom Avenue, Leigh, was pregnant in 2013 when she started experiencing agonising pain in her side as well as terrible sickness.

The 32-year-old was rushed to hospital where she had keyhole surgery after one of her fallopian tubes was ruptured and needed to be removed.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the early embryo starts to develop in the wrong place such as in the tubes which is what happened to Paula.

She also had ectopic pregnancies in 2014 and 2015 where she was experiencing similar symptoms and had treatment earlier than her first time.

Despite early intervention on the third occasion, Paula lost her second fallopian tube.

Former Westleigh High School pupil Paula said: "During my first ectopic pregnancy, I was feeling uncomfortable pain on my side after around seven weeks and became so ill that the pain was unbearable.

"I just thought it was part of the pregnancy and it got worse over a few days until one day I looked in the mirror and I was white.

"The pain was agonising and my partner called an ambulance for me.

"It is dangerous and I have been told it can be life-threatening."

Paula and her partner, HGV driver Chris Pemberton, 37, had their first daughter, Lainey, in 2007.

They both wanted another child to complete their family, but after suffering five miscarriages and three ectopic pregnancies, Paula had doubts on whether this would ever happen.

The couple turned to IVF treatment but as they had one child together they were not eligible for NHS funding and had to raise the money to pay for it themselves by selling Chris' car.

Paula had treatment at CARE Fertility Manchester and after a successful pregnancy, her second child, Daisey Mai, was born nine months ago.

"Yeah I did think that was the end of it after the miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies but one of my friends and a cousin both recommended the centre to me so I decided to try it," Paula said.

"When I had problems in previous pregnancies I had complications before 12 weeks so once I got past that I felt better.

"The care I received was wonderful and as a family we now feel blessed."

Daisey Mai was born at a healthy eight pounds and 11 ounces.

Her big sister, Westleigh St Pauls CE Primary School pupil Lainey, added: "Daisey Mai is the best gift in the whole world.

"I have always wanted a sister."

CARE Fertility Manchester has also echoed Paula's message about the dangers of ectopic pregnancies to a woman's health.

Medical director at CARE Fertility Manchester Philip Lowe said: “I see many women who have suffered miscarriages but Paula also had to cope with ectopic pregnancies as well.

"Ectopic pregnancy is not only distressing but can be dangerous to the mothers health.

"It is crucial to seek medical help if an ectopic is suspected.

"IVF was invented up the road in Oldham to help overcome tubal problems.

"We are all delighted that Paula and Christopher had a successful treatment with us which gave them Daisey Mai.

"Many congratulations to all the family from everyone at CARE Manchester.”

For more information about CARE Fertility Manchester visit bit.ly/2Fp6Exi.