IN a recent article, we asked Journal readers to contact us about their experiences of living on roads with 20mph speed limits.

Residents responded to say that they have witnessed drivers regularly speeding in excess of 40mph on their roads and questioned why speed cameras were not installed to catch motorists breaking the law.

In Leigh, people living on Hanover Street, Glover Street, Guest Street and Eastwood Grove have been in touch to vent their frustrations at the lack of co-operation of drivers obeying the limit.

Broadway in Hindley and Cambourne Drive in Hindley Green are two other places that residents said there was disregard shown towards 20mph road signs by drivers.

One resident said: "The 20mph limit does not stop people driving at 40mph or even faster.

"Children live on our street and it is only a matter of time before someone is run over."

Another added: "Who is there to police these streets? Those exceeding the speed limit by double are not geting reprimanded."

Others have called for more measures to be introduced on their roads such as speed bumps.

One resident who lives on Stonecross Lane South in Lowton, which is a 30mph limit.

He said: "There are vans and cars speeding up to 60mph.

"This is dangerous on so many levels.

"It is a rat run to and from the East Lancashire Road and a shortcut to the M6.

"We have had significant damage to wing mirrors of cars parked at the front when cars travelling at high speed refuse to slow down and attempt to squeeze through.

"No-one has ever stopped to accept responsibility so I am minded to put CCTV up as a deterrent."

Wigan Council does not have the power to enforce speed limits and advises anyone wanting to report instances of speeding to Greater Manchester Police by dialling 101.

For more information or to sign up to the council's Speed Watch Scheme visit