A NURSERY which was ordered to improve last year has been praised in its latest inspection.

Education watchdog Ofsted visited Ambrose Day Nursery in Leigh in June and gave it an overall rating of "requires improvement."

Inspectors returned to the Ambrose Avenue nursery in March and have now given it a score of "good", with all four of the marking criteria falling into that category.

The report, which was published on Thursday, stated: "The manager and staff have worked hard to ensure that actions raised at the last inspection have been addressed.

"Staff skilfully follow children's interests in play and offer further challenge to help children achieve the next steps in their learning.

"Staff make accurate observations of children's learning and development.

"They talk knowledgeably and fondly about their key children, and are dedicated to help them engage effectively in activities and motivate them to learn.

"Staff use an array of methods to communicate with parents, including daily diaries and regular parents' evenings.

"Parents are highly appreciative of staff and the care given to their children."

The report said that, in order for the nursery to be given the highest possible rating of "outstanding" by Ofsted, methods to monitor the progress of different groups of children need to be improved.

It also added that occasionally staff do not organise activities as well as possible.

Nursery manager Joanne Waywell: "After 14-and-a-half years of maintaining our 'good' rating, the report last year was disappointing.

"Both myself and staff have worked hard over the past nine months to bring standards higher and in line with the new criteria for 'good' as required by Ofsted.

"We have made vast improvements to our outdoor environment to challenge older children which was achieved with the help of both staff and parents.

"Staff were disheartened after the last inspection as they always give 100 per cent to the care and attention of all children which luckily all our parents can see.

"With us being based in such a small setting, our ethos is 'home from home' which has been noted in the report.

"We are pleased that it commented on the fact that children have formed close attachments with nursery staff, who sensitively support them in their play and are kind, patient and nurturing in their approach."