THE names of the candidates standing in the borough’s elections have been published.

There will be 84 people contesting 25 in Wigan Council’s local elections on Thursday, May 3.

Polling stations will be available around the borough and there will be counts at Leigh Sports Village and Robin Park Leisure Centre in Wigan.

Three candidates will contest the Leigh East seat, two in the Leigh South ward and four in the Leigh West ward constituency.

Seats in Tyldesley, Astley and Mosley Common, Golborne and Lowton West, Lowton East will also be up for grabs.

Atherton, Atherleigh, Hindley and Hindley Green are four other areas up for the vote.

UKIP have issued a statement that it will not be putting any candidates forward in the local elections due to “organisational issues both nationally and locally”.

The party will be putting members forward for the 2019 elections though.

Here is the list of candidates of wards in the area the Journal covers:

Astley and Mosley Common

Richard Short- Conservative

Barry Taylor- Labour

Stuart Thomas- Lib Dems


Paul Fairhurst- Conservative

Lorraine Gillon- Liberal Democrats

Debra Wailes- Labour

Antony Waite- Independent


Karen Aldred- Labour

Marjorie Clayton- Conservative

Stuart Gerrard- Independent

Golborne and Lowton West

Susan Gambles- Labour

William Heaton- Independent

Gerard Houlton- Conservative


Jim Ellis- Independent

Neil Hancox- Green Party

John Skipworth- Liberal Democrats

Jim Talbot- Labour

Margaret Winstanley- Conservative

Hindley Green

Jonathan Cartwright- Conservative

Paul Maiden- Independent

Gena Merrett- Labour and Co-operative

John Thomason- Liberal Democrats

Leigh East

John Dowsett- Liberal Democrats

Frederick Bown- Labour

Denise Young- Conversative

Leigh South

Charles Rigby- Labour

Connor Short- Conservative

Leigh West

Richard Houlton- Conservative

Natalie Smalley- Liberal Democrats

Peter Smith- Labour

Jayson Lomax-Hargreaves- Independent

Lowton East

Edward Houlton- Conversative

Garry Lloyd- Labour


Julian Marsh- Independent

Joanne Marshall- Labour

David Stirzaker- Conservative