NEIGHBOURS on an Atherton road have been left worried after CCTV footage has emerged of a car driving past suspiciously.

Joanne Hazeldine, of Sycamore Road, watched the video from her CCTV camera after her neighbour Patricia Ryder said she found that the driver car door of her BMW 3 Series had been left half-open.

Joanne's footage shows a car driving up to vehicles on both sides of the road before stopping alongside each one with no headlights on.

On its first journey down the road, there are moments when there are flashes of lights from the car as it stops next to the vehicles.

When Patricia looked inside the car later that morning, she said wiring was hanging underneath the steering wheel.

The CCTV footage was taken around 3.15am on Wednesday, April 4.

Patricia said: "I was parking my car on the road as it was easier to get away in the morning but since it happened I have been wary of leaving it there and put it on the driveway instead.

"It looks like whoever broke in must have been disturbed as nothing was taken my car.

"The passenger doors are not working now so it is awkward getting in and out."

The break-in resembles incidents which has involved people using key fob hack devices to gain entry into a car before stealing goods or even making off with it.

Joanne added: "Although the footage does not show a break-in of Patricia's car as it is off-camera, it is very suspicious.

"It is quite worrying after watching it and I have been concerned about my own car since it happened.

"I do not usually look at the video from the camera unless something has happened but I have been checking it regularly since to see if there have been any other cars driving past strangely."

Joanne said one of her friends in Hindford also had her car broken into without any signs of forced entry recently.

If you have any information about similar incidents, contact the police on 101.