AN animal charity is making a positive difference at a Leigh homeless support centre.

Street Paws held its first outreach session at the Homeless Support Project (HSP) on Railway Road two weeks ago and provided help to four dogs.

The organisation offers free veterinary care including vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, and general health checks to animals in need.

Michelle Southern, who has launched the project in 14 cities and towns across the country, was contacted by vets in Leigh six months ago to give help.

She said: “The volunteers at HSP see a lot of people at the soup kitchens that they put on who have animals and need some extra help.

“We now have 12 volunteers and have just held our first session where we saw four dogs, which is virtually unheard of during our first visit somewhere.

“It is not unusual for us to see no animals during the first outreach because people like to suss out who we are and feel confident that we are not going to take their dogs away from them.”

Food was also donated by Pets Choice to homeless people in the first outreach session.

Michelle added: “We have seen about 120 dogs now with Street Paws and I can hand on heart say that no animal has ever needed any intervention. They are all very well looked after.

“A lot of people who live on the streets are turned away from normal accommodation because they do not accept animals.

“These dogs are part of their families so they choose to stay with them instead. There is no way I would give up my pet either.”