A LEIGH woman's Australian impersonation has won her a spot in the top five of a pub competition.

Hannah Williams entered a contest held by Walkabout in which people are given the chance to win a holiday for two to Newquay with a range of activities involved.

The pub company asked people to provide reasons about why they should be awarded the prize.

Hannah, 22, made the top ten out of around 200 entries at this stage, and was then invited to submit videos of their best Australian impression along with four others.

The public have been asked to vote for their best impression before midnight on Sunday with the winner presented on Wednesday.

Former Westleigh High School Hannah is the fourth person that appears in the video with her carrying a blow up kangaroo, a Fosters beer can and an Australian flag in the background. 

Her older sister Victoria, 29, got her involved in the competition.

Hannah, who works as a paralegal, said: "Victoria and I live together so the reason I gave about why we should win the contest is that if I don't then she will make me homeless.

"It was Victoria that found out about me making it to the video stage first and she bought all the Australian gear before I even realised it.

"My friends and family have been in hysterics after watching it in the video.

"They are not surprised I have done it though as it is in line my character.

"It would mean a lot if I won this because otherwise I would have been publicly humiliated for nothing."

If she wins the competition, Hannah would take Victoria with her to Cornwall in the second spot.

Hannah has been told by her sister that she "owes her one" after Victoria won a holiday to Cyprus for pair in a radio competition last year.

To vote for Hannah visit Walkabout's Facebook page and type 4 in the comments of the competition post.